Hotel Group General Manager

Experienced Operational, he/she manages a hotel group with vision and strategy.


  • Operational confirmed and qualitative hotelier: strong experience in multi-site operational management as Director of Operations, in hotels of similar configuration.
  • Has made openings, knows how to work on asset acquisition files, value a property and work directly with an investor.
  • Excellent strategist and visionary: 360 °, strategic vision, oversees the good management of establishments and performs precise and reliable reporting to the investor.
  • Acts by prioritizing actions.
  • Knows how to surround himself and delegate, build scratch teams.
  • Expert in his knowledge of hotel trends and good mastery of tools.
  • Analytical skills, involves teams in problem solving.
  • Creator of link between headquarters and the field.
  • Leader: excellent manager, naturally imposes himself by example and his legitimacy.
  • Ability to support hotel managers in the group’s strategy and to increase their skills.
  • An international experience is requested: know how to put themselves at risk, be able to open his/her mind to different hotel universes, country or region during their journey.



  • Excellent presentation and education, charismatic.
  • Legitimacy due to her/his strong experience and knowledge of hotel operations.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit is key for the position.
  • Anaytical and synthetical mind.
  • Global, strategic vision: understanding of the positioning and values ​​of the group, knows how to implement actions to develop each establishment in its context and manage the whole group.
  • Emotional intelligence: knows how to adapt to the vision of the CEO and/oror the investor and understand his objectives to integrate them and act accordingly.
  • Rigorous and organized: knows how to set up procedures, standards, taking into account the expectations of owners and customers.
  • Open-minded, proactive and simple.


Average compensation 2019 in € (excluding bonuses) group basis 15 to 30 hotels

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