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Professional matches made in heaven
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Recruitment experts for the hotel and restaurant industry

Specialists in the high-end hotel and restaurant niche, Tovalea evaluates, recruits and endorses candidates whose professional paths have prepared them to achieve great success for our clientele.

Much more than just a recruitment agency

For the past 10 years, we have been developing a recruitment experience that is both human and rewarding. Tovalea was the first firm of its kind to have taken a purely candidate-focused positioning. This unique and differentiating approach guarantees that our clients will be presented with highly qualified and professional candidates who are loyal to our firm. Their career paths in the hotel and restaurant industry have been carefully examined and assorted within an exclusive, top-tier talent pool that represents the nucleus of our organization.

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Conversion rate: every one of our professional missions results in a placement

At Tovalea, the success of a placement rests on the synergy between the values of the candidate and those of the client. Our approach is both thorough and quality-driven, creative and meaningful.

Tovalea fusionne avec Mermoz

Tovalea by Mermoz

Tovalea et Mermoz Associés s'ancrent sur les mêmes valeurs d'efficacité et de passion de l'humain pour fusionner leurs univers.

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Who are our candidates?

Our best ambassadors

At Tovalea, we provide a rewarding and first-class experience for our candidates. As the first "candidate-first" recruitment firm, Tovalea is also unique in that they are the only ones to choose their clients based on the qualities of commitment, loyalty, and compassion.

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of our candidates placed in the past 5 years are still employed

A strong indicator of the in-depth qualification process of our hotel and restaurant recruitment firm

Our candidates testimoniales

Going back to 2011, a few portraits and testimonies of successfully placed candidates.

Much more than just a recruitment agency, Tovalea forges a real bond based on friendship and trust

General Manager
for A lifestyle-themed boutique hotel in Paris during the pre-opening phase
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They knew how to build a positive professional relationship which made me feel comfortable

General Manager
for 5 * boutique Hotel in Paris - pre-opening and opening
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of placements are successful (trial period passed)

All of these talents are ready today to invest themselves fully in the strategic missions that we put before them.

Our recruiter clients

Our unique approach

Tovalea is a non-elitist firm in terms of client scope, just as long as the employer promise entails a strategic mission or an important problem to solve.

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Tovalea Placement
Hotel Manager
La Mamounia – Marrakech - May 2018
Tovalea Placement
Hotel Manager
Majestic Hotel & Spa, Barcelona - August 2019
Tovalea Placement
Hotel Manager
Hotel Martinez In The Unbound Collection By Hyatt, Cannes – France - October 2019
Tovalea Placement
Group HR Manager
Evian Resort – Evian, France - Mai 2019

We are proud to have served our clients

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The right person in the right place is the promise of Tovalea and his teams. La Mamounia is delighted to count on the efficiency, discretion and fairness of this firm.

Pierre Jochem
General Manager

Thank you and bravo for such professionalism…!

Pascal Billard
General Manager

I have wonderful memories of my collaboration with Tovalea, who was always available and attentive to my needs.

Stéphane Carrière
Human Resources Director

"For this strategic position, I was able to measure the great expertise of Tovalea in hospitality, they knew how to understand our universe, our objectives for a qualitative and most successful placement"

Laurent Sacchi
Executive Vice President, Danone