Director of Food & Beverage

Expert in gastronomy, creative to lead all of his/her teams towards excellency.


  • Core business: perfect knowledge of the culinary arts, tableware and hospitality.
  • Qualitative: sense of excellence and quality, in terms of product, service and customer approach.
  • Excellent manager: is autonomous in supervising the management of points of sale (restaurants, bar, room-service, banquets, etc.), budgets, human resources.
  • Commercial spirit: always in search of optimizing the activity notably in “cross-selling” between its points of sale. Curiosity and knowledge of the market, players and competition.
  • Customer orientation: excellent host, perfect knowledge of operational professions. Trustable man/woman who will be able to resolve any problem to guarantee optimal customer satisfaction.
  • Good Manager: knows how to recruit and surround himself with talents, and develop them.
  • Team worker.
  • Exemplary.
  • Leadership: conviction and influence, take the teams with him.
  • Project management: capable of vision, anticipation.
  • Regulations: controls the application of hygiene, safety and quality procedures.



  • Excellent presentation, education.
  • Passionate about service, gastronomy and the art of hospitality in general.
  • Organizer of the place: playful spirit, sense of contact, knows how to create a link in a simple and authentic way.
  • Open-minded, entrepreneurial spirit: guarantor of F&B procedures. Directs, coordinates and supervises all points of sale, taking ownership of their spirit.
  • Strong creative proposition: Dynamic in his vision of hotel operations, has ideas for developing offers, maps and animation of the place.
  • Man/woman in the field and public relations: maintains the image and the good reputation of the hotel F&B outlets.
  • Curious : is interested in catering in general, in France and abroad: new concepts, hotels, offers.
  • Strong with ideas and proposals.
  • Problem solver.

Average remuneration 2019 in € (excluding bonuses)

Hotels with less than 150 rooms Hotels with more than 150 rooms
Paris 75 000 – 100 000 100 000 – 110 000
Provinces 65 000 – 90 000 90 000 – 110 000


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