Hotel Manager

He/she Manages all operational staff of the hotel, responds to emergencies and make him/herself available for the field.


  • Confirmed expertise in accommodation and / or F&B: perfectly masters the operations of a hotel.
  • Able to create a link between the hosting and F&B teams.
  • Master the operational codes of luxury hotels: knowledge of accommodation and catering issues: knows as much how to speak to a housekeeper as to an executive chef.
  • Leadership: excellent manager, imposes himself by flawless exemplarity and a very strong presence in the field.
  • Comfortable in managing large teams.
  • Global vision / Entrepreneurial spirit: will understand the challenges of the hotel as well as the priorities.
  • Will be able to show initiative, organization and will report precisely to the Managing Director.



  • Excellent presentation, education.
  • Passionate about service, gastronomy and the art of hospitality in general.
  • Excellent manager, able to support volumetric teams with dynamism, empathy, sympathy and energy.
  • Enduring: knows and appreciates the operational constraints related to this position.
  • Good emotional intelligence, able to quickly grasp problems and find solutions: reaction, anticipation, and dynamism.
  • Strong sense of service and quality of service


Hotels with less than 150 rooms Hotels with more than 150 rooms
Paris 110 000 – 150 000 150 000 – 180 000
Provinces 75 000 – 110 000 110 000 – 150 000


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