When I think of Tovalea, a high-end fashion house comes to mind. Like a designer refining their piece to perfectly fit the body of their model, Tovalea is a firm that takes care of its candidates, to find the position that best suits them. I had the opportunity to meet Valérie while working as a recruiter; her sense of personal ethics and her tailored approach to recruitment immediately spoke to me. We met at her offices, where I really appreciated the active listening and empathy that she exhibited. Today, I have the immense pleasure of working in a company that’s a perfect match for me in terms of values. Moreover, I felt a great level of support throughout the interviewing process as well as after starting the position. This is where Tovalea shines: they are a firm that knows how to listen to both their clients and their candidates. Tovalea is truly one of a kind.

Human Resources Director
for A boutique Hotel Group (8 hotels)
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