Catherine’s career was for the most part in accommodation, where she worked for several small hotel brands as well as the ACCOR group. Following a decade-long break spent raising her two young children, now teenagers, and supporting her hotel director husband in his rise up the ladder, Catherine finally decided it was time to step back into the professional ring. Naturally, her winding path has led her right back to the place she always felt at ease, one that she knows and appreciates: hospitality. It all came about as a result of a job announcement posted by Tovalea to LinkedIn.

What attracted her to Tovalea was the strong family vibe that resonated from the firm, as well as the warm boutique atmosphere. Catherine felt right at home from the start. Here, she is able to put into practice every day the very thing that motivates her and which inspires her creed: “To serve and to please”. Although she likes to think of herself as the office Swiss Army knife, there’s nothing sharp when it comes to her personality or relationships with others—quite the contrary!

Once a week, the boutique’s doors open to welcome a friendly ray of sunshine: Catherine arrives, and with her, a good mood shared between everyone at the office. Her carefully prepared dishes are also a reflection of this fine industry that we serve, and which we are keen to enjoy on occasion at the office.

Her definition of the word resource: “We have to take care of it; it’s not inexhaustible.”

Her definition of the word human: “Consideration for others; respect for our differences.”

Catherine Grandjonc
Office Manager
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